Our Story

When Embellir (um-bee-leer) first opened its doors in 2004, most people could barely pronounce the name; and so it was with much of the natural health terminology. One woman said, "Homeopathy is happening, aromatherapy smells nice, and I have no idea what naturopathy does!". Well, we understand that much about the world of wholistic healing may be unfamiliar to you, but so was driving a car for the first time. However, you got the hang of it; and you can be just as independent and successful in getting behind the wheel of managing your health--with our help, of course.  Our health information site and blog are great places to begin.  embellir.us.com | embellirwellness.blogspot.com

We love "the naturals"! We are a manufacturer as well as retailer and our formulations are the best--effective, natural, and with an affordable price tag.

For years, Embellir has continually worked to bring the best and healthiest of products to the marketplace and continue to do.  It is our pleasure.  We love our customers with all of our heart.  We demonstrate by offering wonderful products, expert advice, a French-Inspired Bistro for wonderful dining, online shopping, custom formulated cosmetics, natural fragrances and hard-to-find-fragrance research, low prices, customer rewards, being environmentally conscious, giving back, and anything else you can think of that will make this world a better place and make you one happy, healthier customer!

Thank you so much for visiting our site!  Please contact us at embellir@embellir.us.com any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We love hearing from you.

If you live near or visiting in the Memphis Metropolitan Area, be sure to make reservations at Pepper Bistro for a great dining experience and shop at our beautiful location.  lebistropepper.com

If you want to join us giving back to the elderly and high school graduating seniors, please visit wingsofchg.org and make a donation of which any amount is appreciated and put to excellent use.

If you want to support the artistic community with us, visit diamondvoicediva.com and make a donation to music art.

May the force be with,

Live long and prosper,

Diane Bradley Higgs, Founder, CEO, Phytotherapist, & Chef