Disclaimer & Precautions


Any information we provide is a courtesy to assist you in taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider.  Many people have received wonderful results from the truly stellar products and information that we offer.

If you are pregnant, nursing, hypertensive, or epileptic, please consult an Alternative Care Specialist before using any type of herbs, extracts, or essential oils.  


Nutritional claims or information may not have been evaluated or validated by the FDA    


Please feel free to share your alternative care choices with your doctor.


1.  Yes, we really care about you.  So, please call us and share your concerns or questions about wellness alternatives products or services. Our goal is for you to be as healthy as you can and to accomplish this we make, sell, and promote products that are as close to nature as possible.  Many are 100% natural and/or organic.

2.  Please read any and all material we give you thoroughly.

3.  Use products as directed, using more or for a longer time is not necessarily better and could cause adverse effects.

4.  Do not use herbal or aromatherapy formulations if you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, hypertensive, or suffer from epilepsy without a consultation with an herbalist first (extremely important!).  Be sure to check if a natural product will interfere with an over-the-counter or prescription medication.

5.  Our products are natural and therefore have a limited life span, so please use them in a timely manner or they will "spoil".  Visually check for any signs of deterioration.  Most products should be shaken before using.  Some of our manufactured products will have an expiration date on the label.

6. Our brand of products contain 100% pure essential oils (organic, when possible), so be careful if you are extremely sensitive.  Discontinue use from any negative reactions.  Some essential oils should not be used if you are pregnant.  Check our website for more information embellir.us.com.

7.  Plant extracts view prescription drugs as toxins; so herbal formulations can negatively interact with prescription medications.  Please check with our alternative care specialist before going on any herbal program if you are taking prescription drugs.


8. Our packaging is generally minimal to decrease environmental waste. Glass containers can be returned for recycling.  Please wash them first.  Discard any non-glass lids.

9. Some of our products contain ginseng.  Please be aware that ginseng affects each individual differently; for some, it can extremely stimulating.

10.  Please be sure to tell us if you are prone to adverse reactions to any ingredients such as shell fish which can be the main ingredient in some joint supplements.

11. For up-to-date news in the field of health and beauty and for product promotions visit us at embellir.us.com.