Bon Vivant (bon vee vant)

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Becoming Our Bon Vivant
(a sociable person who strives for good health, enjoys good food, beautiful people, and wine)

Our Bon Vivant Customers are the best of the best.  You do not have to be rich or possess the highest degrees.  Our Bon Vivant customers are loving, kind, desire natural products, want to dine well, care about the environment, and possess a positive, fun attitude. 

Become our Bon Vivant Customer and receive private discounts and 12% off all purchases all the time, free samples, free literature, free shipping on many items, free digital copies of our Citrus Magazine, free coffee, free food tastings, and a great big hug from us (well, after the pandemic :))  We love ya!

A Bon Vivant member gets the most out of everything that Embellir has to offer - with discounts, wellness tips, dining tips, and how-to guides, plus exclusive offers and deals. You can stay up to date on the newest and most popular health and wellness products. You will receive dining discounts each time you dine for dinner. Free shipping on most 1-2 day deliveries.

We so look forward to seeing and serving YOU! 

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