Donate To Wings



Do you sometimes feel guilty because you think you do not have enough money or resources to help others? Well, feel guilty no more!  Please read below and also get some ideas from our Good Deeds page. Wings of Change is making it easy for any and everyone to give service. Our new ALMS-MANIA program will allow you to make a donation of any amount.  A running total of all donations will be listed on our site.

Don’t miss this easy opportunity to make a difference for a little as $5 a pay period, or whatever amount you can afford.  Put enough $5 bills together and things can happen!  When your donation is received, with your permission, your name will be listed on our website as a person concerned about the well being of others.  You can also sign up to give of your time as a WOC Volunteer! What a joy!  What an opportunity to feel good about ourselves!  What an easy way to bless others! Make your tax-deductible donation today! 

To Volunteer:

  • Email us or call 901.687.3310

Easy Ways to Contribute:

  • Make Donations Above & Online Using Your Paypal Account 
  • Mail Your Donation to​:      359 Main Street, Gallaway TN   38036