Drain Wash Natural Drain Cleaner


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Drain Wash Natural Drain Cleaner

Who knows what is lurking in our drains?

Drain Wash Natural Drain Cleaner is formulated to be a part of a weekly maintenance program for keeping your drain clean and running free.

  1. Pour about a cup of the product down the drain
  2. Follow with some white vinegar
  3. Follow that with hot or boiling water
  4. Flush with cold water for 1-2 minutes.

Pour and flush!

For use on all drains

All natural ingredients (no lye or caustic sodas)

Meant to be used as a preventive measure to drain clogging.  If your drain is already clogged, especially with hair, use conventional methods or call a plumber

Keep out of the reach of children

32 oz. (907g) plastic tub with handle