Hiwa Kai Cellulite-Fighting Bath Soak


Hiwa Kai Cellulite-Fighting Bath Soak

Name:   Garden Beauty’s Hiwa Kai Cellulite Fighting Bath Soak

Description:  Hiwa Kai is a 100% natural blend of a cellulite fighting bath soak that will detox the skin, our largest organ, decongest the skin, nourish the skin with nutrients, and helps to strength the capillaries.  All of these actions serve to reduce or banish cellulite with continued, consistent use.  Please allow 30 days to see significant results.

Directions:  Run a very warm bath (not hot).  Add 1/2 cup to the water and swish.  Gently get in the tub and soak for 15-20 minutes.  If you begin to feel faint, immediately and carefully exit the tub and towel dry.  Product can be used on a daily basis.  It is still effective if used 2-3 times per week.

Main Benefits:  Fights cellulite, detoxifies, nourishes skin, relaxes muscles, ease stress

Ingredients: Kelp granules (laminaria digitata) facilitates weight loss; fights cellulite, contains iodine, rich in iron, and rich in potassium; Hawaiian Black Sea Salt (hiwa kai) detoxifies; fights cellulite, contains detoxifying activated charcoal, trace minerals, potassium, and magnesium;  Cypress (cupressus sempervirens) is a powerful cellulite- fighting essential oil;  Juniper Berry (juniperus communis) an essential oil that fights cellulite, obesity, toxin buildup, gout, and rheumatism;  Lemon (citrus limon), fights cellulite, brightens skin, helps with varicose veins, decongests skin, and adds a nice uplifting scent;  Epsom salt, ultra (magnesium sulfate), is widely known for its ability to ease stress, relax the body and muscles, eliminate toxins, and helps to prevent hardening of the arteries.     

Other Details:    

Sold in a beautiful 16 oz. glass jar.  Be sure to re-purpose the jar.

100% Natural

100% Organic ingredients used when possible

Item# eb-542

If you feel faint, carefully get out of the bath and hydrate

Do not use if pregnant or nursing

Do not use if you suffer from high blood pressure

Do not use if you suffer with epilepsy

Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur

Do not use if you have injuries or open sores or wounds

Do not use on children

Epsom salt provides magnesium, check with a doctor for contraindication