Pure White Mint Toothpaste


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Pure White Mint Toothpaste

brush, whiten, smile, go forth, and conquer

Pure White Mint Toothpaste is an all-natural formulation that provides excellent cleaning and whitening properties for the worst of teeth.

Using a soft bristle brush, add to the toothbrush and brush as usual.  Follow up with one our natural mouthwashes.

Apply and brush.

4 oz. (113g) clear plastic tottle

All natural ingredients

Consistency is different from conventional toothpaste

Helps to fight cavities, tooth decay, plaque, bad breath, and provides nutrients and whitening

Gently abrasive

Ingredients: soda (sodium bicarbonate), fine sea salt (sodium chloride), dolemite minerals (calcium and magnesium), pure castile soap(sapo hispaniensis), sweetner (xylitol), peppermint EO (mentha piperita), spearment EO (mentha spicata)