• Pure White Re-Mineralizing Mouthwash


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    Pure White Re-Mineralizing Mouthwash

    re-mineralize, smile, breathe, go forth, and conquer

    Pure White Re-Mineralizing Mouthwash is formulated to provide the necessary nutrients to help strengthen and whiten teeth.

    Basically, use as any other mouthwash.  Shake well (side to side), pour a couple of tablespoons into your mouth (if you use bottle top be sure to rinse well), swish for 30 seconds or bit longer, and then spit.

    Swish and spit!

    All natural ingredients

    Meant to be used as a preventive measure after brushing.

    Contributes to remineralization process

    Antimicrobial and freshens breath

    16 oz. (500ml) recycled glass bottle

    Ingredients: distilled water (eau), mineral (calcium carbonate), sweetener (xylitol), concentrated trace minerals (magnesium, sulfate, chloride, sodium, potassium, lithium, boron), grapefruit seed extract (citrus x paradisi), polysorbate 20,  peppermint EO (mentha piperita), lemon EO (citrus limon), spearment EO (mentha spicata)